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The Home Buying Institute can help you improve your real estate content and communication strategy in three ways. We offer (1) downloadable e-books and training guides, (2) articles and tutorials, and (3) content-related services. You can learn more about all of these products, resources and services below.

Downloadable Training Guides

We offer downloadable e-books on a range of real estate writing and content topics. These guides offer detailed information, insight and expertise you can't find elsewhere. They cover subjects ranging from blogging to social media and beyond. You can purchase and download our e-books through our secure store on

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Articles and Tutorials

We work hard to help real estate professionals improve their content and communications strategies. Each week, we publish in-depth tutorials on a wide variety of writing and content-related topics.

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Blogging and Content-Related Services

Want to launch a real estate blog but don't know where to start? We can help. We offer comprehensive blog content services that include everything from topic selection to writing and editing. All of our content is written in-house by a 17-year veteran of real estate publishing and blogging.

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