The Average Cost of Things

Purpose and Methodology

What is this website all about? Why do we spend so much time researching the average costs of products and services? Here's why:

What We Do

Imagine this. You get a hole in your roof, so you call a roofing company to give you a quote. They tell you it's going to cost around $2,500 to repair. How do you know if this quote is reasonable? Is this the going rate for such services, or is the guy trying to price gouge you?

In the "olden days" before the Internet, you only had one way to find out. You had to ask around to see what your friends and family paid for similar services. But if they weren't able to help, you'd be right back where you started from -- having no idea what the average cost was.

That's where this website comes into the picture. Every day, we research an endless variety of products of services, and with one thing in mind. We want to find out what the average cost of the item. Then we publish our findings here on this website, so it's only a Google search away from anyone who needs it.

How We Do It

How do we compile pricing data for so many products and services? Our process is a trade secret, so we can only say this. It involves 27 trained monkeys, a giant electromagnet, and the original blueprints from when the Internet was first built.

But seriously. In order to determine the average cost for a given item, we basically read a bunch of articles and send a few emails. We visit as many reputable websites as possible, and we also get feedback from actual consumers who have purchased said item. In short, we try to do as many of these steps as possible:

check markVisit at least 12 informational websites to get an overview of costs.

check markSeek data from professional organizations / associations (if any).

check markFind journalistic articles on the subject (CNN, MSNBC, etc.).

check markGather anecdotal input from web forums and social sites.

check markContact two or three companies in the industry to ask for input.

Example: Let's say we wanted the average cost for transmission repair. We would start by visiting, the American Automobile Association website, and other reliable sources of information. Next, we would visit some online automotive forums to see what folks are talking about, how much they recently spent for repairs, etc. Lastly, we would send emails to a few auto-repair shops, explaining our mission and asking for some average cost information.

When all of that's done, we organize the information and publish it here on the site. And there you have it -- a new page full of helpful pricing info!

Who We Are

This website is published by Brandon Cornett. Brandon is a consumer advocate and creator of the Home Buying Institute. All articles on this site are written by Brandon, unless otherwise noted.

Website Funding

This website is funded through advertising. We are NOT paid to write anything, so we can be 100% objective with our research and reporting. We deliver the truth, as discovered through the research process mentioned earlier. We receive no private funding from any company or organization.

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