• How to Landscape a Sloping Backyard

    Question: “I have a backyard that slopes down toward my house. We want to do some landscaping back there for two reasons — to add visual interest, and to prevent me from having to mow the slope. How can I landscape a sloping backyard? What are some of the strategies we might use?”

    This is a problem for a lot of homeowners. A sloping backyard is a maintenance hassle, if you have to mow it. Not only is it difficult to mow a hill or slope. It’s downright dangerous. That’s why so many people choose to do a landscaping project to remove the grass. The question is, what can you do? Here are some landscaping ideas you use for a sloping backyard.

    Ideas for a Sloping Backyard

    The easiest approach would be to turn the sloped area into a bed of shrubs, flowers or other plants. You could use a wide variety of native plants for this purpose. By using plants that are native to your area, you would reduce the need for watering. This is especially important if its a large area that would need a lot of water. You could remove the grass from the sloping area and replace it with some kind of mulch. Add in some plants of your choosing, and you’re done.

    Mulch or Bark

    Depending on the size of your sloping backyard (and your landscaping budget), you could also use retaining walls to create a multilevel “terrace” effect. You could even combine this with the plant-bed strategy mentioned above. Each level could have plants, decorative mulch, or anything else you wanted to include. The landscaping goals would be the same — eliminate the need for mowing, and add some visual interest to your sloping backyard.

    Hill and retaining wall

    Whatever you do to landscape your sloping backyard, you need to think about erosion control. Water will run down the slope, and it might wash out your landscaping feature. You can add rocks and hardy plants to reduce the amount of erosion. You can also replace the mulch (or other substrate) as needed.

    If all of this sounds like too much work, you should get a quote from a landscaping company in your area. You can get started here. I hope this gives you some ideas for landscaping your sloped backyard. Good luck with your project.

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