Real Estate Blogging Services: Research & Writing

Do you need help increasing your website traffic, in order to generate more leads from potential clients? If so, you're in the right place. We've been helping real estate agents do exactly that for nearly ten years. We offer a full range of real estate blogging services to help you grow your web presence -- and your business.

Our real estate blogging services at a glance:

  • We can write high-quality real estate articles and news stories for your blog.
  • We know which topics are most popular among home buyers and homeowners.
  • We can write as many articles as you need -- daily, weekly, twice a week, etc.
  • Don't have a real estate blog? We can build one for you.
  • Our blogging services are ideally suited for busy agents who don't have time to blog.
  • It's a great way to improve your online visibility and web traffic, over time.
  • All articles will be tailored to your local housing market (with data, trends, etc.).
  • All articles are written by Brandon Cornett, a widely published housing authority.

The Home Buying Institute offers real estate blogging services for agents, brokers and firms. We provide original, high-quality content to help you transform your website into an authoritative resource. We can tailor the content to your specific market niche or geographical area. It's like having your very own housing reporter!

Position Yourself as The Leading Authority on Your Market

There are plenty of blogging services out there. But few can match our experience in publishing real estate news and articles. We can help you turn your blog into a leading resource for local housing info. We "ghostwrite" our articles, which means you can put your own name on the blog content we provide. This helps you position yourself as an expert in your local housing market.

Market Blogging

Here are three more reasons to use our real estate blogging services:

1. We know the most popular topics among home buyers and homeowners.

We've been publishing housing news and information for many years, so we know which topics are most popular among local buyers and sellers. We also have years' worth of proprietary traffic data from our network of websites. We will use this real-world data and insight to create your blogging plan. Your content plan will be built around proven topics. This will maximize your traffic potential over time. Hot topics bring more readers!

2. News and information, tailored to your audience.

The game has changed. It's no longer enough to have a few pages of content on your website. If you want to be noticed in today's highly competitive marketplace, you need to publish high-quality content on a regular basis. That's where our real estate blogging services come in. We will conduct extensive research into your local market, to give your stories value and depth. Over time, your blog or website could become a leading source for market information.

3. Written by a professional, full-time real estate writer.

Brandon CornettAll of our blog content is written by Brandon Cornett. We do not outsource to interns, college students or novice writers. Brandon has been writing about the housing market for nearly a decade. He is one of the most widely published authors in the real estate space. His stories have been cited by the Huffington Post, the Miami Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, PBS NewsHour, MSN Money and more.

4. Professional-grade content, with zero effort on your part.

Our real estate blogging and content services will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. You won't have to scour the internet for market data, or sit at the computer for hours each day trying to write blog posts. We do it all for you. We can even publish the stories directly onto your real estate blog, if you prefer (for an additional fee). Or we can deliver the content in Microsoft Word or text file format. Just tell us what you need.

Article Examples

Here are some recent articles we have written. Your blog content will have the same authoritative tone as these stories:

Prices for Blogging Services & Website Content

How much does it cost to have your very own housing reporter, producing market-specific content for your blog? Less than you might think. Our real estate blogging services are priced on a per-article basis. The prices shown below include ongoing market research. (Research is one of the things that set us apart from other content providers.)

  • Initial, one-hour consultation: $55
  • Writing fee: 11¢ per word, rounded to the nearest 100 words
  • Examples: A 400-word article would cost $44, a 600-word article would cost $66, etc.

Details: The initial consultation is a key part of the process. We will call you to learn more about your business, your niche, your target audience and more. We will use the information to build a customized content plan for your blog. Our writing fees include the time we spend researching your local market or niche (home prices, sales trends, studies and surveys, etc.). This fee structure does not include revisions, but you can "tweak" your content as needed to suit your needs.

Do you have questions about our real estate content and blogging services? Please let us know. We look forward to helping you.