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The Home Buying Institute has been publishing U.S. housing market news and information for well over a decade. We provide real estate market updates, mortgage industry coverage, and economic news that’s geared toward home buyers. You can learn more about our educational mission on this page.

Latest Housing Market News

We publish new reports every week, to help you keep up with the latest real estate trends. You’ll find our latest U.S. housing market news coverage below.

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California Home Price Outlook Strong, After Record-Breaking Summer

Key highlights from this housing report: Home prices in most California cities have risen during the pandemic.The state's median home ...
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San Francisco houses

San Francisco Housing Forecast: Will Falling Demand Hurt Prices in 2021?

The housing market forecast for San Francisco suggests that home prices could weaken through 2020 and into 2021. They might ...
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San Diego skyline at night

San Diego Housing Market Forecast for 2021 Looks Favorable, Despite COVID

Recent data and forecasts for the San Diego, California real estate market suggest that it's weathering the coronavirus pandemic just ...
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A Good Time to Buy a Home in California? Summer 2020 Update

In times of economic uncertainty, home buyers are often reluctant to move forward with their purchasing plans. Right now, all ...
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Ben Carson

HUD Has Been Politicized and Ben Carson Should Resign

It's official. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), an organization that's supposed to serve all Americans, has been ...
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5 Predictions for the California Housing Market in 2021: Sales, Prices & More

Follow us on Twitter to keep up with California housing trends! Summary: This article offers a fresh round of predictions ...
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Tower Bridge Sacramento

Forecast: Sacramento Could Be California’s Hottest Housing Market in 2021

Key highlights from this report: Sacramento's housing forecast is stronger than many metro areas.Tight supply and strong demand are boosting ...
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Our Publishing Methods & Goals

The Home Buying Institute (HBI) publishes U.S. housing market news with an emphasis on local real estate conditions. We primarily serve home buyers, offering helpful and unbiased information to shed light on local conditions.

Methodology: We curate information from a wide variety of sources. This includes home price data, local market trends, population trends, and much more. We use this information to explain what is happening in housing markets across the country, in plain English. Our end-goal is to help home buyers make better-informed decisions.

Disclaimers: The Home Buying Institute often cites third-party reports that make predictions and forecasts relating to home prices, mortgage rates, etc. We share such reports as an educational service to our readers. As a general rule, however, HBI makes no claims, predictions or assertions about future economic conditions.