U.S. Housing Market News With a Local Angle

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Housing Market News With a Local Angle

Welcome to the Home Buying Institute. We provide “hyper local” housing market news for cities and metro areas across the United States. We do this by researching local real estate trends and also by soliciting input from local real estate professionals. In fact, the Home Buying Institute is currently building a nationwide team of housing reporters to cover trends and conditions at the local level.

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Most Recent Stories

Home Buying Help Online: Government Offers New Tools and Rules

On April 15, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) gave mortgage lenders additional instructions about the housing counselor lists they must provide to borrowers. The federal agency also directed home buyers to an online tool they can use to find counselors in their area. It’s all part of a new push to encourage consumers to […]

Rules for Getting FHA Down-Payment Gifts from Family

FHA loans are popular among home buyers for several reasons. The fact that the entire down payment can be a gift from a family member is chief among them. But HUD has some specific rules for gifted funds, and they can be found in the latest edition of their official handbook.

Phoenix, the Red Hot Housing Market of 2014, Is Cooling in 2015

Over the last ten years or so, the Phoenix real estate market has been a story of extremes. Home prices skyrocketed during the bubble years, plummeted from 2007 to 2011, and began rising rapidly again in 2012. Now this market is beginning to cool off.

Prediction: Home Buying Activity Likely to Surge This Summer

Long-term mortgage rates are still low, but home prices across the country continue to rise. These factors, combined with an ever-improving job market, could lead to a busy home-buying season this summer.

Miami, South Florida Housing Market Singled Out as Top Performer

According to the most recent release of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, Miami’s housing market is currently outpacing the nation in terms of price growth. But the party might not last much longer.

New Mortgage Documents for 2015: Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure

Two new mortgage documents are coming on August 1, 2015. The Loan Estimate form and the Closing Disclosure forms are designed to give consumers a clearer picture of their borrowing costs. Mortgage shoppers should see the full cost of a loan at the time they apply, and have a more detailed breakdown a few days […]

Boston Real Estate Market Predictions and Forecast 2015

Recent predictions for the Boston real estate market resemble the broader national trend we are seeing right now. In short, house values are expected to continue rising, but to a lesser degree than the gains made over the last year or so.

2015 Loan Limits for San Jose and Santa Clara County

The 2015 conforming loan limit for a single-family home in San Jose, or elsewhere in Santa Clara County, is $626,500. Many home buyers in this area have to use jumbo loans due to the high cost of housing.

Real Estate Asking Prices in Atlanta Rose 16% in January, Annually

According to a recent report by the real estate information service Trulia, Atlanta, Georgia had the largest year-over-year increase in asking prices for homes. This is partly due to job growth in the area, which is putting more people in a position to buy a house.

Philadelphia Housing Market Gets a Boost from Surge in Demand

Philadelphia’s housing market is currently getting a boost from strong demand. This is largely why home prices in the area rose by nearly 10% over the last 12 – 18 months. But experts are predicting a more modest level of appreciation going forward.