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We publish new reports every week, to help you keep up with the latest real estate trends. You’ll find our latest U.S. housing market news coverage below.

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With Home Prices Slowing, Should You Wait Until 2023 to Buy?

The real estate market is cooling, slowing and decelerating. Those are just a few of the verbs that have been used to describe the U.S. housing market in recent weeks ...
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The Housing Market Could Be a Lot Cooler in 2023, And Here’s Why

The housing market is cooling down. You've probably heard this phrase a time or two over the past few weeks. It seems to be the "hot new story" lately, when ...
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Cooldown: 5 Hot Markets Where Home Sellers Are Slashing Their Prices

Real estate pop quiz: What do Austin, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland (Oregon), and Sacramento all have in common? If you said that they're all hot housing markets, you'd be right! ...
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Phoenix skyline at night

Major Inventory Growth in Austin, Phoenix and Raleigh Housing Markets

Austin, Phoenix and Raleigh housing markets have gained inventory.Among major metros, they led the nation for inventory growth.Active listings in the Austin area grew by 144% over the past year.These ...
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Could We See a New Kind of Buyer’s Real Estate Market in 2023?

We could see a new kind of buyer's market in 2023.There are signs that the real estate market is cooling.Home sales have declined, while price reductions have increased.Next year, buyers ...
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Updated Housing Market Forecast Predicts More Homes and a Slower Pace

A new forecast for the U.S. housing market in 2022 predicted a general slowdown in the months ahead, as more homes come onto the market. This prediction was issued by ...
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Report: Dallas, Texas Housing Market Inventory Up by 34% in 2022

Like most major cities across the United States, the Dallas real estate market has experienced a chronic shortage of homes for sale. But a new report offered some good news ...
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