Article Stream Makes Real Estate Blogging Easier for Agents

Summary: The Home Buying Institute recently launched a new service for real estate agents who need help writing blog content. Article Stream provides professionally written “starter content” that can be used for blogging, web content, newsletters and more.

These days, many real estate agents use blogs to share housing information with local home buyers and sellers. Blogs are ideally suited for this purpose, because they simplify the internet publishing process so that almost anyone can do it.

Some agents find blogging easy and take to it immediately. Others struggle to come up with topics, and have an even harder time getting those ideas on the page.

Article Stream, a new service launched this week by the Home Buying Institute, makes real estate agent blogging easier for those who may have struggled with it in the past. It gives “writing-challenged” real estate agents a steady stream of blog content that can be customized, personalized and re-branded as needed.

A Scientific Approach to Real Estate Agent Blogging?

Article Stream uses eight years worth of proprietary publishing data to identify the most popular article topics among home buyers and sellers — the exact audience real estate agents are trying to engage.

Topics are selected based on real-world analysis and testing. Professional housing writers from the Home Buying Institute then develop high-quality articles around those topics, and send the finished product “downstream” to real estate agents who subscribe to the monthly service.

Agents can then customize the blog content, tailor it to their local audience, and publish it online under their own name and brand. The articles can be used for newsletters as well.

But it all starts with the data.

“We have been publishing housing news and tutorials for many years,” said Brandon Cornett, creator of the Home Buying Institute. “Every story we publish gets analyzed and scrutinized. We want to know which topics are most useful to readers, based on readership, shares and other metrics. All of this knowledge is built into the content service. Agents and bloggers who subscribe to the service benefit directly from this valuable insight.”

Article Stream supports real estate agent blogging campaigns by delivering a steady stream of articles, created by experienced writers and reporters. It does the heavy lifting and leaves the “tweaking” to the end user. It is designed to be a time-saving content solution for busy housing professionals.

Connecting With Web-Savvy, Information-Hungry Home Buyers

Statistics show that home buyers begin researching the real estate market and the home-buying process long before they start shopping for a house. They want to know about local home prices, sales trends, different neighborhoods and communities in the area, market conditions and more. In short, they want information that will help them make a smart decision.

According to “The Digital House Hunt,” a joint study produced by the National Association of REALTORS and Google, 90% of home buyers today rely on the internet as one of their primary research tools. More than 50% look to the web as their first step.

Sellers also spend a lot of time researching real estate trends online. They want to know what their homes are worth in the current economy, what the current market is like, and anything else that will help them accomplish their goals.

Real estate blogging is a good way to deliver timely content to these web-savvy, information-hungry consumers. Article Stream supports this by providing agents, brokers and companies with a constant stream of quality content (articles, tutorials, timely housing news and more).

How It Works: Blog Content Delivered Weekly

Each week, subscribers receive an email with a link to the download center. That’s where they can find the latest articles available for publishing. Agents can then customize the content as needed to suit their local audience, and republish it under their own name and brand.

Members pay a recurring monthly fee of $39, for which they receive 16 new articles per month (four each week). That comes out to $2.43 per article.

This real estate blogging service gives agents a way to provide high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take to write it from scratch.


To learn more about the Article Stream blog content service, or to subscribe, please visit The website also provides a list of frequently asked questions, a process overview, sample articles, publishing tips and more.