66-Page Handbook for Bay Area Home Buyers Available for Free

A new e-book published recently helps San Francisco Bay Area home buyers make informed decisions when buying a house in that red-hot real estate market.

Bridgepoint Funding, a full-service mortgage company located in Walnut Creek, California, has published a 66-page handbook for Bay Area home buyers. The book can be downloaded in PDF format for free via the company’s website.

Here is the book’s download and information page:

According to a related press release, this comprehensive e-book was created specifically for home buyers and mortgage shoppers in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is part of a broader educational campaign launched by the company.

An Update on the Bay Area Housing Market

The Bay Area housing market has changed significantly in recent years. It went from boom to bust and is not in a sustained recovery. Many cities in the area have experienced double-digit home price increases in the last year alone. Meanwhile, residential real estate inventory has shrunk, forcing Bay Area home buyers to compete fiercely with one another.

Those who are planning to enter this hot housing market should educate themselves beforehand. That’s where the Bay Area Home Buying Guide comes in. The book starts off with an update on regional housing market conditions, including forecasts from several analysts and economists. After that, it takes the reader through the entire home buying process, in step-by-step fashion.

Part of a Larger Educational Campaign

Bridgepoint Funding says the Bay Area home buyer’s guide is just one part of a broader educational campaign it is conducting. The company also researches and writes about the housing market on its blog, several times per week.

According to Mike Trejo, owner of Bridgepoint Funding, educating home buyers and mortgage shoppers has always been a key part of the company’s philosophy:

“Buying a home is such an important milestone in people’s lives,” Trejo said. “It’s important to me that they are well informed about the process. We want to be their mortgage partner for the long term, and education is a key part of that relationship.”

How and Where to Download the Guide

Bay Area home buyers can download the 66-page guide in PDF format, at no cost. The e-book can be viewed on any PDF-capable computer, as well as most mobile devices. It can also be printed for easier reading.

The company said it encourages Bay Area real estate agents and other housing professionals to share the guide with their own website visitors. For licensing guidelines and sharing instructions, please refer to the book’s information page linked above.

Is the Market Finally Cooling Off?

In other Bay Area housing market news, real estate professionals from around the region are reporting what they feel are the early signs of a cooling trend. Trisha Motter, president of the Santa Clara County Realtors Association, recently told CBS SF Bay area:

“We’re not seeing the bidding frenzies or paying as much over list price as we were before … The market has slowed down. Houses are staying on the market longer.”

This is one of several reports we’ve seen in recent weeks that suggest the Bay Area housing market could be slowing. A cooling trend might be just what the doctor ordered at this point, given the housing affordability issues that have arisen in recent years.