FSBO Websites Reviewed – 5 Popular FSBO Listing Services

When I sold my first home in Maryland, the concept of FSBO websites was still very new. There were only a couple of sites that offered FSBO listing services for people selling their own homes. And their services were limited to an MLS listing and a yard sign.

Much has changed over the years. Today’s FSBO websites are slick and sophisticated. Some of them, at least. They offer sellers a wider range of products and services, too. Here are some FSBO listing services worth a look.

Disclaimer: We have not been paid to write any of this information. We have not used any of the FSBO services listed below. This article does not constitute a testimonial. We have simply compiled this information for your convenience.

FSBO Websites We Reviewed

ForSaleByOwner.com offers a lot of great tools for people who want to tell their own homes. They have packaged pricing — basic through “platinum.” This allows you to purchase only the services you need.

forsalebyowner.comYou can use this FSBO website to get listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Realtor.com, which can result in maximum exposure. These two listings will put your home in front of a huge audience, and virtually overnight.

Their consultation line is available with most packages. You can use this service to get your questions answered by a real estate professional.

This FSBO website also provides pricing reports based on comparable sales in the area. This helps you determine your asking price. Many sellers overprice their homes, simply because they don’t have access to comparable sales data. The pricing report helps prevent this kind of mistake.

They publish a blog that is updated often, and full of useful information. There’s also a collection of helpful articles on the site, most of it geared toward sellers.

At the time of this review, the price of their FSBO packages ranged from $179 -$809.

Owners.com is another FSBO website that offers packages for home sellers. You don’t get much at the basic level (it’s free, after all). But the higher-end packages offer a variety of useful tools, including a 6-month listing on both Realtor.com and the MLS.

Owners.comThis FSBO website claims to save their customers an average of $9,562 (by removing the agent’s commission from the process).

By using one of their enhanced packages, you also get a private website for your property. You can use this website to give buyers additional information and photos. You could include the property’s web address on marketing flyers, MLS listings, etc.

Choose their agent-assisted FSBO package, and you’ll have one-on-one support from a licensed real estate agent. The agent can help you with contracts, paperwork, pricing and more.

Oddly enough, we did not see any mention of yard signs. Most FSBO websites will send you a yard sign to help you market the property. If you use this site, you may have to purchase your own sign. You can get a basic “For Sale” sign at Home Depot, Lowes, and most hardware stores.

At the time of this article, packages on this FSBO website ranged from free to $695.

FSBO.com has been around since the late 90s. This service doesn’t offer as much as the FSBO websites listed above, but the cost is lower to reflect this.

fsbo.comFSBO.com provides a “flat fee” MLS package that gets you onto the MLS and Realtor.com for a period of six months. If you price your home effectively, six months should be enough time to get an offer.

If you’re in a slower market with very little buyer activity, you might need more than six months — or you might need to lower the price. It’s something to consider when using FSBO websites to sell the house.

With this FSBO listing service, you also get a yard sign and property flyers to help you market the home. They include a directional arrow sign as well, in addition to the basic “For Sale” sign.

At the time of this review, packages on this FSBO website ranged from $69.95 to $299.

HomesByOwner.com claims to be the largest For Sale By Owner website in the United States, though we could find nothing to explain or support this claim. This FSBO website has been around since 1995. As with the other FSBO listings services we reviewed, they provide services in a packaged format.

homesbyowner.comThey have three packages — gold, silver and platinum. Only the platinum level offered MLS and Realtor.com listings, which are arguably the most important tools to a seller. The gold and silver packages did not offer these crucial listing services. We could not find out how long the listing was. The other FSBO websites offered a six-month listing, but HomesByOwner.com did not say how long it was.

This website seemed less sophisticated than the ones listed above. It was harder to navigate, and there was more visual clutter to distract users.

They have an add-on feature for full-service MLS assistance. It’s a $200 markup for this assistance. We tried to figure out what it was by clicking the help icon, but the page did not work properly at the time.

At the time of this article, packages on this FSBO website ranged from $29.99 to $299.

ByOwner.com does not offer much information on their “about” page. So we don’t know how long they’ve been providing FSBO listing services. Oddly enough, their website features Google ads that take you to some of their competitors’ websites. So it’s hard to imagine they’re serious about attracting new business from FSBO sellers.

byowner.comIn order to get pricing information, you must select your state and area code. We sampled pricing for a variety of state / area code combination, and found that prices vary quite a bit. Based on city and state, their listing prices varied by $200 or more. We encountered listing fees ranging from $189 – $399.

They have a fairly rigid refund policy. Essentially, there are no refunds. Their blog had not been updated since 2008, at the time of this article. This FSBO website was frustrating to use.

Conclusion and Summary

Of all the FSBO listing services we reviewed, ForSaleByOwner.com seemed to have the best product. Their website is professionally designed and easy to use. Their service packages are comprehensive and impressive. And their prices are reasonable, based on what you get. Owners.com, FSBO.com and HomesByOwner.com are also worth a look.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to FSBO websites and MLS listing services. Good luck.

Brandon Cornett

Brandon Cornett

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