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HBI is a real estate blog content provider for discerning agents who want to elevate their website presence.

Fact: If you publish unoriginal "stock" content onto your real estate blog, you could go against Google's webmaster recommendations and lower your rankings over time.

Fact: If you hire a real estate blog content provider like us to create high-quality original posts, you'll stay in Google's good graces and boost your website traffic over time.

Are you a real estate professional in the United States? Do you have your own website or blog? Could you benefit from bringing a steady stream of visitors to your site, week after week? If you answered yes to these questions, our real estate blog content writing services are for you.

Meet Your Real Estate Blog Content Provider

Brandon Cornett, lead writer

Brandon Cornett is the lead writer for the Home Buying Institute and several other websites within our network. He has been writing about housing-related trends for over a decade and has crafted more than 1,500 individual articles and reports.

As a real estate blog content provider, Brandon creates high-quality and comprehensive articles that tend to perform well online. You won't find another content writer with his unique skill set.

Fun fact: When Brandon's not crafting real estate content for his clients, he's probably working on his latest horror-thriller novel. You can learn more about his novelist side at

Research, Writing & Optimization

If you want to attract home buyers and sellers to your website, you have to go above and beyond the typical content found on real estate websites these days. You need to publish hyperlocal housing information that speaks to home buyers and sellers in your area. And that's exactly what we do.

We're more than a real estate blog content provider. We are veteran bloggers and reporters with well over a decade of experience. Working with HBI is like having your very own real estate reporter, producing high-quality content tailored to your local housing market.

Here's what goes into every article we produce:

  • Research: We will research your local housing market to gather data.
  • Select: We will choose blog topics with high traffic potential.
  • Write: We will write comprehensive articles (900 to 1,200 words).
  • Edit: We will polish your content to give it a journalistic quality.
  • Optimize: We will optimize your articles for search engine visibility.

15 Years of Real Estate Content Writing Experience

HBI is one of the early pioneers of real estate blogging. We've been publishing housing-related information online for 15 years. In that time, we've learned how to attract a large audience online by publishing quality content that people want to read.

Now, we offer those real estate writing services to agents and brokers across the United States. When you purchase website or blog content from HBI, you'll know you are getting the best.

Increase Your Blog Traffic and Leads

"I have a real estate website, but it doesn't get very much traffic." Does this sound familiar? If so, you could greatly benefit from our blog content writing services.

Blogging is a great way to increase your website traffic over time, and to generate more leads from local home buyers or sellers. And we can help you do it right.

We use real-world traffic data and website analytics to identify topics with the most traffic potential. We will optimize your content using the latest standards and best practices recommended by search engine companies like Google. Over time, this could help you boost your website traffic and generate more leads.

Pricing & Logistics

Here are the nuts and bolts relating to this service:

  • Cost: 12¢ per word, rounded down to the nearest 100 words.
  • Length: We recommend 750 words or up, for search engine performance.
  • Delivery: We can send your content as a text file or post it online.*
  • Turnaround: We deliver articles the next business day in most cases.

* Note: If you're using WordPress, we can also publish your article(s) directly onto your blog. There's an additional $10 publishing fee for this service.

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